If you are looking for a High Quality Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Cuts Isolate should be your choice…. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla Flavors (YUM) As a Professional IFBB Physique Competitor, I often have to supplement my diet with Whey Protein. Natural Cuts Isolate is my Protein of Choice. I have no issues digesting this product, its Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Soy Free and It taste amazing!
Sheila Mettler, IFBB Pro

As a 1st year medical student and a professional MMA fighter, I am someone who is always on-the-go and mindful about what goes into my body. I have tried so many different brands of protein and I am genuinely thrilled to have been introduced to NCI Protein. This is by far the BEST tasting protein that I have ever used. For those days that I am on-the-go, it mixes up “clump-free” in a shaker cup and tastes AMAZING with just water. Protein is essential for ANYONE who wants to improve their health and I would highly recommend NCI protein as the BEST QUALITY protein on the market.
Sarah ‘TNT’ McLeod, Professional MMA fighter

I’ve been a coffee drinker for quite a while now. I have one cup in the morning to get my day going with an occasion second during the day. NGN gives me the perfect boost I need. The natural organic flavor is great and makes me feel good while drinking it as well! NGN is my new favorite coffee brand and my go-to for an energy boost!
Jennabella, Salon owner and Beautician 

NGN Infrared roasted coffee is amazing. It has great flavor and I feel energized throughout the day when I drink it. It’s the perfect way to start my day.

This truly is one of the BEST coffee’s i have ever had (and note I am a coffee addict). The coffee itself is very smooth, there is not bitterness at all, you simply taste the coffee itself and that is it. Even more importantly it is less acidic then other coffees. As a competitor this means you can keep coffee in your prep diet longer and often there is no need to take it out at all. After 26+ weeks of being on a prep diet, all at once coffee started to bother my stomach, I switched over to NGN coffee and I had no issues at all.
Sheila Mettler, IFBB Pro

I love the smell of a strong rich cup of coffee but who doesn’t. So often however a bold alluring sent is often accompanied with a taste that could strip the paint off the hood of a car. With that said there is a slightly bold sent to this coffee and with it comes a gentle smooth taste that is quite refreshing and really enjoyable. If you are looking for coffee that has the qualities of a rich aroma that is not overbearing. As well as a taste that satisfies your pallet with a light but defined flavor than this is a coffee you would like.
-Ryan Foht

As a health coach, trainer, and competitor, I am always looking for the best products for myself and my clients. As an engineer, I nerd out over ingredients and product quality. I happy to have found NCI Protein, because I’m gluten and soy sensitive and require a clean product like this. It tastes great in water, mixes smoothly, and the sodium is even low! Thank you, thank you!!
Bethany Utke, Health Coach, Trainer, and Competitor


Rather than hear us talk about how good NCI is, we thought you might like to hear it form the athletes, weekend warriors and health enthusiasts that are already using it.

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“Great protein! Getting big gains and results with it. I have reduced
soreness compared to other proteins I have used. Best of all its affordable and works just as good if not better than other top of the line proteins.”
– Chris Secrist

“When I see an all natural product I immediately think it is not going to taste that good, but NCI has forever changed my outlook on clean products. NCI is a great tasting product that defines clean in the rawest form. I can’t wait to see what’s next.” –James Shlageter

“This protein tastes great! I very much look forward to drinking it when I wake up in the morning! I have been looking for a oy free protein that tastes good for a long time. I am happy that I have finally found a protein powder that will keep me healthy increase my performance. Thanks!” – Ryan Clarkin

“Tried it today with coconut milk. Really tastes great! Great texture. No side effects! Love it so far! – Erin Frank

“I have been a gym member for the last 4 years and have become accustomed to drinking a certain whey protein after my workouts. I didn’t want to try anything different because I didn’t know how my body would respond. Ryan convinced me to try NCI protein, and when I did I knew it was a game changer. I no longer get the uncomfortable bloated feeling that I used to experience. I have also noticed that my muscles feel much fuller and are less sore the next day from using this protein. I’m definitely glad I made the switch” – Charles Genzen

“NCI PROTEIN- I never took into consideration if a protein had artificial flavors or sweeteners, as well as gluten or soy until I started taking  NCI Whey Protein, the results are so much better. I get absolutely no bloating, it absorbs easily, blends perfectly and tastes great! I’m not just giving this review because Ryan is a good friend, I can honestly say that you won’t find a Natural Grade Protein better than this. NCI has been a top seller in our store for this reason. If you have a Lactose Intolerance, want to avoid Gluten and Soy, or need to watch your sugar intake, then this is the protein for you!” – Angelo Francis, Owner of Fitness First Supplements

I use Natural Grade Nutrition Protein Isolate every day as a part of my recovery. It is one of the best proteins I have ever had. Both the chocolate and vanilla taste great, they are not heavy and they dissolve well to create a smooth flavor. I’ve compared NGN’s nutrition facts to other proteins I have used and the value/benefits of NGN is clearly better. I plan to continue to use NGN protein as a part of my daily diet/training going forward.
Melissa V., Crossfit athlete and Bikini competitor

I absolutely love NGN Vanilla protein. I mix it with hot water and it reminds me of a latte. I love the taste and I drink it every morning! – Shelly, proud mother of two

GREAT PRODUCT!! I’ve been using the chocolate NCI protein from NGN for a few months and I think the flavor is awesome! Not too sweet, not at all chalky, and no fake after taste! I’ve used plenty of brands and this is the first that doesn’t make me look and feel bloated. Especially important during competition prep! Because there are no fillers or artificial sugars, I’m not holding onto any fat around my mid section anymore! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to stay nice and lean while making clean gains!
Alanna, NPC bikini competitor

I absolutely LOVE natural grade nutrition! I really like that it doesn’t leave that chalky film in your mouth like other proteins do and it doesn’t have a weird after taste! My fav is the chocolate because when I mix it with milk it tastes just like chocolate milk, BUT BETTER! Blessed to have them as a sponsor and look forward to working with them more! Thanks for everything!
Cassie “The Hulk” Robb, Professional MMA fighter