NGN Athletes

Rebecca Schubeck
Rebecca SchubeckIFBB Pro
Rebecca, a multi-talented, highly educated and diversified athlete would be known to most who know her as a medical miracle. Rebecca carries a powerful testimony of Faith, courage and perseverance.
Ryan Weber
Ryan WeberCo-Founder
Fitness just isn’t a passion, it’s a method and way of motivation to accomplish anything at any level. Inspiring someone else to be better is a strong driving force for my own personal success. No matter who you are, success is not an individual accomplishment, but rather an act supported by the efforts of many.
Melissa Vara
Melissa VaraNPC Bikini Competitor
Fitness is something I have been passionate about since I was a child. Growing up I was always playing at least one sport at a time, sometimes two. I loved being active and running around outdoors and to this day that hasn’t changed.
dDallas Kalustian
dDallas KalustianNPC Bikini Competitor
To know Dallas is to know her true passion for fitness! The ambitious 26-year-old female born in Meadville outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is known as Dallas Kalustian. The oldest of three children born to entrepreneurs’, Michael and Kathy Kalustian. Her go-getter attitude and charisma brought on many entertainment opportunities such as modeling and promotional work for her parents health club business.
Rebecca Eger
Rebecca EgerIFBB Pro
Fitness has always been a big part of my life, and since I was a single mother at a very young age, training was a way to keep me on track with life. At a very young age, my daughter would come with me, and either play in the playroom or help out at the front desk. It was a very stressful time in my life but I would never miss a day in the gym.
Dr. Brandy Segura
Dr. Brandy SeguraNPC Bikini Competitor
Brandy is a mother of two and former Medical Doctor. She is currently a national bikini competitor, NASM CPT, online coach/trainer, and sponsored athlete. When she’s not training, Brandy is also a contributing writer for and She has been featured on, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Quest Nutrition, and and has in Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine.
Chanel Nichole Harris
Chanel Nichole HarrisNPC Bikini Competitor
hanel traveled the world in the Army – serving in 2 combat tours and representing the United States within NATO assignments in Europe. In spite of her busy schedule, Chanel always excelled in the physical fitness aspect of her military duties. At the end of her service obligation to the Army, Chanel had to make a decision – stay or go. Chanel left Active Duty and focused on a career in the fitness industry while continuing to serve as a Federal Employee, and Army Reservist.
Jamie Gilbert
Jamie GilbertIFPA Figure Pro
I have my B.S. in Health and Physical Education K-12 from Indiana University of PA (IUP), and have been teaching 7th and 8th grade physical education in the suburbs of Pittsburgh for four years. I am currently working toward my M.S. in Exercise Physiology at the University of Pittsburgh.
Sheila Mettler
Sheila MettlerIFBB Pro
Bethany Utke
Bethany UtkeNPC Figure Athlete & Actress
Bethany lives out her passion and builds her business while residing in paradise, aka: Maui, Hawaii. At Moxie Muscle, she works remotely via phone and Skype coaching clients and personal trains and teaches fitness classes on island with locals and tourists. She works closely with promoters bringing physique competitions back to Maui as well as prepping athletes to compete. Fitness retreats in Maui are an endeavor on her list.
Ryan Clarkin
Ryan ClarkinPhysique Competitor
Ryan is an Online Fitness and Mindset Coach and is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. Ryan is extremely passionate about motivating others to push through their mental blocks in order to create the best body and mind imaginable.